this makan joint is always crowded.always.from locals to ang-mohs.and since it is only a 10mins bus ride from home,we decided to lunch there yesterday.this is despite a poor rating by hungrygowhere.com and we always rely on it.oh well biased i thought since the crowd can’t be wrong.

it was full house as expected and seeing the crowd made me want to chicken rice even more.we managed to get a tiny table for two right at a corner.

i didn’t like the chicken rice.at all.the rice was fat and not fragnant.isnt the rice meant to be skinny and smell heavenly?isn’t the rice the best part of chicken rice?!we had both the white and roasted chicken and they weren’t nice at all.how i wished we had gone to boon tong kee instead!it was only three stops away at balestier.the saving grace was the vegetables and pork.ha.odd.in a chicken rice shop,the pork tastes better.

i am no expert when it comes to food.its basically yummy or not yummy.overall this wasn’t yummy.don’t let the pictures bluff you!

and i felt awful and unhealthy after lunch.all that chicken skin must be floating around in me.ha.so dinner was home-made sandwich.toasted right here at home.in my own oven.my lovely mistral.serve me well please. 

and bagels for breakfast this morning!for my superman.

i have been really good the past one week.yup.i am not shy.i not only prepared dinner 4 times but also breakfast and best part,i cleaned my entire place on my own.9 grand hours i spent on thursday cleaning up.the 3 weeks old dust was killing me slowly and i thought if a 18-old indonesian maid can clean a mansion,so can a 31-year old indian lady.afterall my mansion is pretty small.ha.i definitely impressed my timmy.he asked me to leave the toilet for him to clean.ha.we conquered that on friday within an hour.

and i feel 2k lighter.


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