a different kind of shopping.

awhile ago,i had the chance to shop at someone’s home.snacks and drinks were also served.and i could sit and think about what i wanted to buy without being chased away.unhurried shopping.

ha! that’s me trying to see if i should buy that pretty floral bag and that lovely lovely lacy white dress!i was so close to getting both especially the lacy dress but i didn’t think i will succeed in loosing 5kg in the next one month and i didn’t want to look obese!oh oh the spread was so pretty and caters to all the chic girls out there!if i still had regular monthly income,i would have easily bought half of what was available.

But of course i did buy something and am just waiting for the right chance to wear it.and i will surely post a picture when the time comes.till then,whet your appetite here – http://apparentaddiction.blogspot.com/

their new collection is up and i am LOVING these:

simple chic sexy!i heart.you will too 😀


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