can’t be grateful enough.

today i spent five precious hours serving my lord. i went to my church office bright and early after sending timmy off to korea.i was meant to do some data entry but as the information wasn’t ready,i was asked to sort out birthday cards for children born in october.there was over 300 cards and almost every day in oct saw at least 5 children’s birthdays.there were 3 sets of twins,many johns and josiahs and even zachary!there were also 2 girls with malay names and hmmm i wondered.and they live all over singapore from woodlands to pasir ris and their parents made one of the bestest decision to send them to the bestest children ministry in the world – Rock Kids at New Creation Church.a place where they will learn all about HIS goodness and receive HIS abundant love and grace.Amen!

the card is a bright happy yellow and i am sure they will be enveloped by god’s love when they open the envelope!i will be!may HE be real in their lives,guiding their steps always and protecting them from the i sorted each card,i heard myself praying over each name and with each name,i felt my spirits lifted and a sense of peace settling on me.the whole experience was a lot more precious and nourishing to me than i thought.

i could not be grateful enough for this chance.

for some weird reason,i shared with someone awhile ago about my intention to help out in my church in between my freelance assignments and what he said made me feel bad.i don’t even know why i told him as i hardly know him.i guess i can’t help being honest and he said that i was lucky that i could afford to do this as there are many who can’t even take a day off as their entire family depends on them for bread.i agreed with him.i also told him that while my husband doesn’t need me to contribute to the family,i am still contributing to my parent’s household income and will always do so.the conversation made me feel awful as i felt that perhaps i should be exploiting my youth and energy and my potential.i should be aiming higher.afterall,more money means a better life.

but the question is – how do you define a better coming home to a swanky condo in an even swankier car but with a battered spirit better?maybe better doesn’t equate luxurious lifestyle.better life could just mean living a life that truly satisfies you and gives you a sense of accomplishment.and that could be anything to is just never same for you and your neighbour.

i can’t define my better.i don’t want is always evolving.what matters is the joy i feel in my heart.but i knew i had to quit what i was doing as it made me an angry person.the late hours were eating me.i came home almost every other night drained.completely.i felt like i was rushing every day but i wasnt rushing to save anyone’s life.i know i am not alone in this.i have seen many around me in the same situation.perhaps they know how to work around their work.i didn’t.maybe i didn’t try hard.perhaps i took the easy way out.maybe i didnt know how to work smart.maybe its not meant for with a sad heart and unclear future,i said a nervous goodbye.but in that myriad of feelings,i caught a glimpse of joy and that saw me through a long notice period.

and the chance to serve the lord is not about being lucky.its a blessing.unfortunately,many may not get a chance to for many reasons.but if the heart and spirit wants to,i am positive the chance will be created.on its own.effortlessly.i envy those who have made serving the lord their it in the church or welfare organisations etc.while the heart is aching for that,my flesh is not my lord created opportunities for me – the first was to help out in the children ministry every alternate sunday and now sept gives me the time to help as and when i can.i cant be grateful enough.

and i truly can’t be grateful enough for being alive and writing this now.i came home and found my stove on.the last time i used it was last night,24 hours ago,to brew Chrysanthemum tea for timmy.i am so sure i turned it off but i guess i didn’t.we did go to the kitchen this morning but it completely missed i dont know.all i could say was thank you jesus!

cant be grateful enough.

I’m waiting
I’m waiting on You, Lord
And I am peaceful
I’m waiting on You, Lord 

what are you grateful for today? 😀

oh my hair is growing!i can manage a little messy pony tail.ha.


nice and lovely.

it was meant to be a simple lunch affair at my grandma’s today.after my glorious sleep,i made my way to her place at noon.lunch was still being prepared so i caught up with the papers.

Sumiko Tan is sleeping in a separate room as her husband needs to be in a 20degrees cold room in order to get a restful sleep while she can’t take the cold,not even the fan.i can imagine how she feels.i never had aircon till i got was really bad during the first few weeks.i got up to stuffy nose and dry throat.but my dear timmy,nice and lovely,increased the temp to 25 and it has remained at that number maybe instead of sleeping in separate rooms,she should get her husband to increase the temp to perhaps 25.i think its worth it as nothing beats feeling the warmth of another being under the blanket in a cold room.

Lee Kuan Yew meditates on “come to me, o lord jesus” every night for peace.and he is not a his recent interview with The New York Times,he reveals that little more about his private life and you really can’t help but feel for him and his must be very miserable to see your love in a state where she can’t speak and bedridden.and he says this is more stressful than his political i always felt,nothing is more important than your family.nothing can break your heart or wreck your mind more than family.we are humans and we are made that way.even the hardest heart softens as the butter melts.

lunch was ready by the time i read the last sentence on today’s papers.nice and lovely.

thanks to my uncle and aunt who were clearing their stuff to make space for the already cramped granny’s place,i inherited some goodies.these are only some:

there is still the cake holder,crystal ware and a tall candle holder that will arrive at my place soon.hee!they have tons of other stuff that they tried convincing me to take but i know better.less is more.there is still another 26 boxes to clear by dec and hmm,maybe there will be more goodies for me.i just need to know when to be present to inherit the nice and lovely.

and i am loving the tiles at my granny’s place.

n her too!

nice and lovely monday.made nicer and lovelier by my dinner – stir-fried brinjal with minced meat.

monday's dinner - brinjal with minced meat

recipe from

i did everything as per the recipe except for:

  • i didn’t soak the brinjal in salt water.couldn’t find a big bowl that could fit all the pieces in.there was no bitter taste despite the no-soaking.
  • i added red chilli and paprika for some spice.
  • i used brown sugar instead of white.
  • i didn’t add the cornflour mixture at the end as i wanted some gravy for the rice.

try one day.its darn easy and nice.

why didnt i…

set up a proper vanity table?! well i guess i didn’t think i need one.afterall,all i do to get ready after shower is to slap some toner and moisturizer on my face.and i do these right in the middle of the living room,in front of the TV!though i really wish i knew how to do simple make up that could last the whole day without turning into a super oily and ruined face in this hot weather.but firstly,i need to be bothered and i am not.i would rather zzz that extra 10mins or take a crap.

oh well,but nothing stops me from drooling over these… thank god for the internet.

HELLO.of course i have mirror at home.otherwise i will end up looking badder than i do now!meet my mirror.oh and thats me wearing a brooch!my first time.hand-made by an ex-colleague.

Me > mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Mirror > kk kk in the mirror, i don’t want to lie to thee.


this makan joint is always crowded.always.from locals to ang-mohs.and since it is only a 10mins bus ride from home,we decided to lunch there yesterday.this is despite a poor rating by and we always rely on it.oh well biased i thought since the crowd can’t be wrong.

it was full house as expected and seeing the crowd made me want to chicken rice even more.we managed to get a tiny table for two right at a corner.

i didn’t like the chicken all.the rice was fat and not fragnant.isnt the rice meant to be skinny and smell heavenly?isn’t the rice the best part of chicken rice?!we had both the white and roasted chicken and they weren’t nice at i wished we had gone to boon tong kee instead!it was only three stops away at balestier.the saving grace was the vegetables and a chicken rice shop,the pork tastes better.

i am no expert when it comes to food.its basically yummy or not yummy.overall this wasn’t yummy.don’t let the pictures bluff you!

and i felt awful and unhealthy after lunch.all that chicken skin must be floating around in dinner was home-made sandwich.toasted right here at my own lovely mistral.serve me well please. 

and bagels for breakfast this morning!for my superman.

i have been really good the past one week.yup.i am not shy.i not only prepared dinner 4 times but also breakfast and best part,i cleaned my entire place on my own.9 grand hours i spent on thursday cleaning up.the 3 weeks old dust was killing me slowly and i thought if a 18-old indonesian maid can clean a mansion,so can a 31-year old indian lady.afterall my mansion is pretty small.ha.i definitely impressed my timmy.he asked me to leave the toilet for him to clean.ha.we conquered that on friday within an hour.

and i feel 2k lighter.

a different kind of shopping.

awhile ago,i had the chance to shop at someone’s home.snacks and drinks were also served.and i could sit and think about what i wanted to buy without being chased away.unhurried shopping.

ha! that’s me trying to see if i should buy that pretty floral bag and that lovely lovely lacy white dress!i was so close to getting both especially the lacy dress but i didn’t think i will succeed in loosing 5kg in the next one month and i didn’t want to look obese!oh oh the spread was so pretty and caters to all the chic girls out there!if i still had regular monthly income,i would have easily bought half of what was available.

But of course i did buy something and am just waiting for the right chance to wear it.and i will surely post a picture when the time comes.till then,whet your appetite here –

their new collection is up and i am LOVING these:

simple chic sexy!i will too 😀


life is meant to be simple.really.that is why a simple thing such as food make many included.

something lamb from blue jazz

something chicken from blue jazz

something pasta from blue jazz

food wasnt awesome-ly delicious.but put together food and company and cozy environment and shishah,you cannot not be happy.

but these were good.and on a saturday afternoon in a dead part of singapore,it was even more need to sweat.

hock lam beef noodle

don's pie

 but nothing beats home cooked food!ha!

monday's dinner - tom yam (tofus + sotongs) + steam beans

tuesday's dinner - steamed salmon with cabbage and green pepper

wednesday's dinner - macroni

and i am hungry now.