weekend in pictures.

hmmmm ...


after a $20 cab drive and rejection by a restaurant for being 30mins late,he really had to scratch his head hard to make date night a good one.and he had a bitch to handle. 

Indon food


after a so so dinner at an indonesian eatery at the basement of vivo,candy empire was the saving grace.it took a good 30mins and 50 bucks to settle the bitch.too bad we didn’t have a HSBC card to score a 10%discount.when we had the card,it was of no use.life is such. 



date night got more interesting at this homeware shop.this place has everything you never ever think about.and i decided that my electrolux needs a good pampering after being so faithful for the last 11months.afterall,it has seen the most intimate of us.and it needed a good 3 hours 60degrees spa session! 

spa for my electrolux


and the night ended after a slow walk under the watchful eye of the lonely moon.3mins walk.bus stop to flat.ha. 

lonely moon


and no better way to kickstart the sat. 

yummy brew!


after feeding my first customer good old hawker food,she still didn’t buy anything from me.DIFFICULT. 

difficult customer


so i kept feeding her.sugar.in every form.hope she gets fat.evil.and this i felt was the bestest.i had 4 in one seating.oh man i love this. 

sugar overload.

after 6 colourful hours with a difficult customer (ha!) and a busy husband who was working his saturday away just 10cm from us,it was time for more colours.off to the temple with my granny and timing was perfect to catch a procession and free dinner.indian gods are always so well dressed.full of colours and gold.and its devotees were devoted enough to carry it using steel poles and walk around the entire temple.and i tell you,its heavy. 

indian god in colours.

to end yet another nice weekend (thank u JESUS!), it was to a secret place at little india for a very delicious granada for me and a mango mojito for timmy.delicious delicious granada.but poor service.but interesting location and yummy granada. 

granada n mango mojito

have a super duper blessed week people.i cant wait to meet daniel bey who will be seeing the world anytime now.i hope he is as impatient as i am.he should be.after all,it has been nine months in a tiny stomach.


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