so the govt is urging us to re-look into our life’s priorities.instead of focusing on the well-known 5Cs which most of us know like ABC,we are now encouraged to focus on our career,children,charity,comfort and consideration.yup,meet the new 5Cs.perhaps we should print them in A2 and hang it in the toilet or at the work desk so that when we don’t feel like going to work on a monday or just feel like quitting on a lousy wednesday,it is slightly easier.for we are not after the condo or the country club or the credit card.all that matters now is we are comfortable with our decision after considering the consequences of our actions.

but seriously,i am with the govt.it is time for us to stop thinking about ourselves.we dont live alone.we are part of a community.we are part of something larger.we got to learn to be a lot more considerate about what we do or say and do our best to ensure that our home is a comfortable one for those who live here and those who visit.being charitable is easy.it should be for we are the generation who doesn’t think twice about drinking starbucks everyday.i think its nice to give your change to the auntie who comes around with tissue packets and to drop coins into the little tins that our sweaty children walk around with under the hot singapore sun.do what you can.as little as it may be.give your old clothes and books and shoes and tv and whatever else you have to the salvation army.dont let them go wasted under the bed or at the top of the cupboard.

and if you are married,you should seriously think about having kids.coz LKY said that since we are not making babies despite the incentives provided to us,they have gone ahead to bring in foreign talent.ha.we have no one to blame but ourselves.yes i have thought about having kids.i have always seen myself mothering two boys.almost married for a year and still no sight of the little one.i am not ready.doesnt matter what incentives LKY wants to present to me.having a kid is not the same as giving my change to the tissue auntie.its a NEW BIG WORLD that can perhaps wait for a while more.

i was glad when my period came yesterday.the last three months saw timmy and myself giving it a go.once a month.anything more may increase the chances.the last three weeks or so,i was so sure that a kid was forming in me.i was tired,hungry,moody and walking around with sore breasts.and i kept telling god “no no no NO i am not ready.please please!”and i dreamt twice that i was pregnant.so when red greeted me yesterday,i was glad.and i was sad.and i wanted to give myself a tight slap.i am sick.

i am also sick of shopping.platinum mall took all that i had.my money my energy.i was so gonna faint by the time i hit the second floor and i started on the fifth floor btw.and bkk jam is disgusting.i sat in an old stale cab for 60mins and i missed the chance to join timmy and his colleagues on a dinner cruise.


after a hearty breakfast,my bag and i were off to SHOP.for five hours.and here are some stuff you can grab off me at $15 each.









sorry i didn’t iron them before taking the shots.and the shots were taken right here in toilet of the apartment.just thought you may want to know that piece of detail.

3 thoughts on “5Cs.

  1. love the orange blouse with the ribbon! the other blouses are nice too! Come join the mummy’s club soon…ok start with yr usual once a mth then…on the fertile days will b more exciting. haha!

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