in love with BKK.

i don’t know how to put into words about my love for bkk.this is my second trip this year.i heart everything about this land;the barking dogs who simply can’t stop communicating with each another,the dusty air,the strange smell  which i think is fish sauce,the tom yam goong that’s so full of coconut milk,the sweetest thai iced tea,the dirt cheap shopping,the gorgeous looking people who may have become less friendly and the cheap massage.i love love love THAILAND.i think its one place everyone must visit before they die.

thanks to timmy who is here for work,i am his work officially starts at 8.35am tomorrow,we got in at 1oam on saturday and pretty much shopped till every dollar i brought finished.and thats 11000 baht.a cool five hundred singapore dollars in a weekend.i don’t even contribute that kind of money to singapore’s shopping industry in a month.timmy even had to change another three hundred half way today.and i have not even visited platinum which is my destination tomorrow!thank you jesus 🙂

so i got some stuff from a shop that i found during my previous trip!email me if you want to grab any of these work bags at $20.

Bag A


Bag B


Bag C


Bag D


perhaps we don’t have the same taste in bags.but i am sure we are on the same page on these.these cuteys are bound to cheer you up on a monday!

L:R > A / B /C


L:R > D / E /F

i havent figured how much i want to sell the earrings for! me if you like any of them,tell me how much you want it for and your mondays will never be the,i cant believe this.i want to sell something at a price i don’t even have a clue about.i think its hard to put a number on something.because your understanding of value can differ from your neighbours.most of the time when i hear how much someone has spent on a bag or on a car or a house,my mouth inevitably opens.

i don’t understand how my peers spend more than half a million on their homes or two thousand dollars on a watch or a bag.i really don’t.i think thirty percent of singaporeans earn less than two thousand dollars a month?i guess when you work so hard,you do want to come back to a nice home with a fancy address,a pool right at your door step and a security guard that greets you.and waking up each weekday morning is a lot easier when you get to walk out of your home with a chic expensive bag on your arms.perhaps ownership of such items means you have achieved a certain status.or you simply dont know how else to spend your money or happiness is what you are after and these items just rock your world.i dont blame you.i really dont and i am not being sacarstic.i am happy if you are happy.and i hope you are happy.

on this trip,i got a glimpse of living in a condominium.we are staying in a service apartment with a pool and gym and plenty of security guards who not only greet me but also open the part,the view from the balcony on the 30th floor is cool.and i would be writing this from the bath tub if not for my period.

i love bkk.

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