this is fresh from the oven and i am SPEECHLESS.

little sis:kk when i get the form from the IC people,can go with me to ICA building to collect?Not now of course next month.i have to go there to collect coz i put my race double barrel,then the person say the things must approve then only can take.

kk:why you put like that?your race is indian you know?

little sis:that time number two tell me that can change race, then i say if i wan put chinese indian can ah,she laugh then like ok ok liddat.mummy allowed too.  

kk:ck,you are indian.please remember.everyone follows their father.n our father is indian.so we are indian.i marry chinese also never change surname or race.

little sis : lol.

goodness.this is ridiculous.since when we are allowed to put races in that race box?argh.my dad will either laugh or kill her.i’m speechless.

the other thing that had me speechless today was what i saw on my camera screen after i took the picture of 6.30pm sun.

don’t know how.don’t know why.god’s watching us from the above.if you dont know what i am talking about,i’m speechless.again.

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