fou de fafa.

today’s dinner was from fou de fafa.located opposite my office and rated as one of singapore’s best skinny pizza by timeout,i had to pick up a skinny on my way home.the staff recommended a pascal’s pizza and a thai spicy chicken wrap,just in case the skinny ain’t enough.

the skinny was good.healthy.overloaded with vegetables.loved the crust,almost like papadum,savoury and crispy.because it wasnt cut into slices,we just tore whatever we could and ate with bare hands.messy.nice.

the wrap was a disappointment.didnt like it at was a good size with generous filling.but the sauce/taste,i dont like.

but i will be back to do more take-aways for their food has no msg,organic and plain healthy.and they have freshly baked bread that you can take home.all you need to do is call and order in advance.i was lucky today.within five mins,my food was ready.gonna try their sesame bagels next.

i read that this quirky joint is owned by a qualified holistic nutrionist and was a partner of oomphatico.and i love oomphatico.though the last time i dined there was more than a year ago,i remember their good service,interesting decor,quirky chairs and delicious food.fou de fafa is same same but different.i thought the service could be warmer and friendlier and the ventilation could be improved.10mins and i walked away smelling like their kitchen.

i like the pizza box.

timmy read each word,line by line,from raffles place to kallang.tis the man i married.

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