my garden.

today i grew my a tiny bit.

got the cactus at only $2.90 at tanjong pagar xchange!not sure how big and well it will grow but it is definitely easy to look after.water every 2 to it,is the money plant which i bought from ikea and it has been with me for awhile.there was a lot more of it but half of it died which i think is due to overcrowding.perhaps,i was meant to transfer it to a bigger pot.oh well.for now,just like me,it has to happy with its tiny space.perhaps one day,it will have a chance to be planted into a ground with loads of other plants and trees and vegetables.ha.that is if it hardy enough to survive the next five years.

i like the way my cactus looks.cute.but unfortunately it is dangerous.loads of thorns.if you are not careful,you will be is best to love it from far.


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