no entry.

friday started off was a cool morning and work was fine.i even had lunch with moi moi who came all the way from raffles place.the day got even better at three pm when i checked the balance in my posb cheque had cleared which means i am financially independent again,after living off timmy for the last two weeks.but as the clock ticked,i started getting restless,edgy and bored.dinner was already planned at 8pm with folks from i travelled from tanjong pagar to kallang at seven thirty pm,i thought about hiding in a corner.didn’t want to see anyone.wanted to be in a comfortable and safe place where i didnt need to do or say i did something rude.i didnt turn for dinner.crap.sorry pinto.

it was no entry on friday night.

but one person has special access and on friday night,accessibility was not an issue as we had the car for the we headed to fosters – the english rose cafe at HV.dinner was simple and quiet.followed by a slow walk along chip gardens and a drive around bukit timah.

i still prefer their high tea menu than the fish and chips & ham and cheese sandwich we had.unfortunately,the high tea menu consisting of scones and sandwiches is only available during tea time 😦

predictably,bed time came early too.i went to bed without washing up and hoping for a much better weekend.

how do you deal with a blah mood?resist it?sleep?hide in your room?coffee?read?food?music?i guess everyone has their own way with dealing with off days.i dont know how i deal with my off comes uninvited and disappears before i learn more about doesnt give us time to become friends.which is good.i suppose,on friday,i could have done a lot better but i made the decision not to.


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