blue + yellow=?

blue and yellow give me my ikea,not green!we spent more than two hours at ikea on sat and as always,didn’t leave empty ended.i heart ikea not only for its affordability but also for its functional colourful home furnishing products.and its amazing they have everything you need and want for your home.regardless of the size and type of your dwelling,if practicality,functionality and budget are your buzzwords,ikea is your heaven on earth.from rugs to clocks to bed sheets to towels to pots to plants to anything you can possibly think of,is available at ikea.walking around their showrooms always gives you an idea or two on how to jazz up yr place.though there are times where i have felt that its same old same old,within mins,i see something that i didn’t previously.this time round,it was fabric and both of us thought it may be nice to refresh our sofa.just changing the cushions while keeping the white frame.

i have a feeling yellow is the colour for 2011.sunny and for for $10 per metre,we were close to buying it but since we didn’t have our cushions on hand for measurement,it is to ikea,again,soon.

before we left with our buys,we had to complete our little excursion with chicken wings and beef balls.

whats your colour for twenty eleven?time to think about is only 4 months away.

what is left on your wish list for this year?time to get cracking.leave no time for regrets.

i am pretty happy with my last 7 months.of course it could have been better but it doesn’t eyes are on whats next.

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