weekend in pictures.

hmmmm ...


after a $20 cab drive and rejection by a restaurant for being 30mins late,he really had to scratch his head hard to make date night a good one.and he had a bitch to handle. 

Indon food


after a so so dinner at an indonesian eatery at the basement of vivo,candy empire was the saving grace.it took a good 30mins and 50 bucks to settle the bitch.too bad we didn’t have a HSBC card to score a 10%discount.when we had the card,it was of no use.life is such. 



date night got more interesting at this homeware shop.this place has everything you never ever think about.and i decided that my electrolux needs a good pampering after being so faithful for the last 11months.afterall,it has seen the most intimate of us.and it needed a good 3 hours 60degrees spa session! 

spa for my electrolux


and the night ended after a slow walk under the watchful eye of the lonely moon.3mins walk.bus stop to flat.ha. 

lonely moon


and no better way to kickstart the sat. 

yummy brew!


after feeding my first customer good old hawker food,she still didn’t buy anything from me.DIFFICULT. 

difficult customer


so i kept feeding her.sugar.in every form.hope she gets fat.evil.and this i felt was the bestest.i had 4 in one seating.oh man i love this. 

sugar overload.

after 6 colourful hours with a difficult customer (ha!) and a busy husband who was working his saturday away just 10cm from us,it was time for more colours.off to the temple with my granny and timing was perfect to catch a procession and free dinner.indian gods are always so well dressed.full of colours and gold.and its devotees were devoted enough to carry it using steel poles and walk around the entire temple.and i tell you,its heavy. 

indian god in colours.

to end yet another nice weekend (thank u JESUS!), it was to a secret place at little india for a very delicious granada for me and a mango mojito for timmy.delicious delicious granada.but poor service.but interesting location and yummy granada. 

granada n mango mojito

have a super duper blessed week people.i cant wait to meet daniel bey who will be seeing the world anytime now.i hope he is as impatient as i am.he should be.after all,it has been nine months in a tiny stomach.


a quarter of BKK.

here is a quarter of my loot from BKK. You can grab them off me for – bag at SGD$20 and top at SGD$15.  

Bag A
Bag B

  Bag C 

 Top A

  Top B 

Top C
Top D


To order, email me at onekind79@yahoo.com.sg.I can hand over at the following locations: 

  • kallang mrt station
  • raffles mrt station
  • tanjong pagar mrt station
  • city hall mrt station

I will collect the cash when i hand over. 


so the govt is urging us to re-look into our life’s priorities.instead of focusing on the well-known 5Cs which most of us know like ABC,we are now encouraged to focus on our career,children,charity,comfort and consideration.yup,meet the new 5Cs.perhaps we should print them in A2 and hang it in the toilet or at the work desk so that when we don’t feel like going to work on a monday or just feel like quitting on a lousy wednesday,it is slightly easier.for we are not after the condo or the country club or the credit card.all that matters now is we are comfortable with our decision after considering the consequences of our actions.

but seriously,i am with the govt.it is time for us to stop thinking about ourselves.we dont live alone.we are part of a community.we are part of something larger.we got to learn to be a lot more considerate about what we do or say and do our best to ensure that our home is a comfortable one for those who live here and those who visit.being charitable is easy.it should be for we are the generation who doesn’t think twice about drinking starbucks everyday.i think its nice to give your change to the auntie who comes around with tissue packets and to drop coins into the little tins that our sweaty children walk around with under the hot singapore sun.do what you can.as little as it may be.give your old clothes and books and shoes and tv and whatever else you have to the salvation army.dont let them go wasted under the bed or at the top of the cupboard.

and if you are married,you should seriously think about having kids.coz LKY said that since we are not making babies despite the incentives provided to us,they have gone ahead to bring in foreign talent.ha.we have no one to blame but ourselves.yes i have thought about having kids.i have always seen myself mothering two boys.almost married for a year and still no sight of the little one.i am not ready.doesnt matter what incentives LKY wants to present to me.having a kid is not the same as giving my change to the tissue auntie.its a NEW BIG WORLD that can perhaps wait for a while more.

i was glad when my period came yesterday.the last three months saw timmy and myself giving it a go.once a month.anything more may increase the chances.the last three weeks or so,i was so sure that a kid was forming in me.i was tired,hungry,moody and walking around with sore breasts.and i kept telling god “no no no NO i am not ready.please please!”and i dreamt twice that i was pregnant.so when red greeted me yesterday,i was glad.and i was sad.and i wanted to give myself a tight slap.i am sick.

i am also sick of shopping.platinum mall took all that i had.my money my energy.i was so gonna faint by the time i hit the second floor and i started on the fifth floor btw.and bkk jam is disgusting.i sat in an old stale cab for 60mins and i missed the chance to join timmy and his colleagues on a dinner cruise.


after a hearty breakfast,my bag and i were off to SHOP.for five hours.and here are some stuff you can grab off me at $15 each.









sorry i didn’t iron them before taking the shots.and the shots were taken right here in toilet of the apartment.just thought you may want to know that piece of detail.

the song.

this is the song that had me choked with emotions.the song that made me stand up.the song that you must listen to.the words that should reverberate through your entire system.and you may just fall in love with your home.again.


jesus is my hero!

i volunteer at the children ministry on alternate sundays.what i do is very little but it means alot to me.it feeds my soul my spirit.i feel the high when i am serving my lord and i walk away very full.full of his love and grace.

in love with BKK.

i don’t know how to put into words about my love for bkk.this is my second trip this year.i heart everything about this land;the barking dogs who simply can’t stop communicating with each another,the dusty air,the strange smell  which i think is fish sauce,the tom yam goong that’s so full of coconut milk,the sweetest thai iced tea,the dirt cheap shopping,the gorgeous looking people who may have become less friendly and the cheap massage.i love love love THAILAND.i think its one place everyone must visit before they die.

thanks to timmy who is here for work,i am here.as his work officially starts at 8.35am tomorrow,we got in at 1oam on saturday and pretty much shopped till every dollar i brought finished.and thats 11000 baht.a cool five hundred singapore dollars in a weekend.i don’t even contribute that kind of money to singapore’s shopping industry in a month.timmy even had to change another three hundred half way today.and i have not even visited platinum which is my destination tomorrow!thank you jesus 🙂

so i got some stuff from a shop that i found during my previous trip!email me if you want to grab any of these work bags at $20.

Bag A


Bag B


Bag C


Bag D


perhaps we don’t have the same taste in bags.but i am sure we are on the same page on these.these cuteys are bound to cheer you up on a monday!

L:R > A / B /C


L:R > D / E /F

i havent figured how much i want to sell the earrings for!ha.email me if you like any of them,tell me how much you want it for and your mondays will never be the same.man,i cant believe this.i want to sell something at a price i don’t even have a clue about.i think its hard to put a number on something.because your understanding of value can differ from your neighbours.most of the time when i hear how much someone has spent on a bag or on a car or a house,my mouth inevitably opens.

i don’t understand how my peers spend more than half a million on their homes or two thousand dollars on a watch or a bag.i really don’t.i think thirty percent of singaporeans earn less than two thousand dollars a month?i guess when you work so hard,you do want to come back to a nice home with a fancy address,a pool right at your door step and a security guard that greets you.and waking up each weekday morning is a lot easier when you get to walk out of your home with a chic expensive bag on your arms.perhaps ownership of such items means you have achieved a certain status.or you simply dont know how else to spend your money or happiness is what you are after and these items just rock your world.i dont blame you.i really dont and i am not being sacarstic.i am happy if you are happy.and i hope you are happy.

on this trip,i got a glimpse of living in a condominium.we are staying in a service apartment with a pool and gym and plenty of security guards who not only greet me but also open the door.best part,the view from the balcony on the 30th floor is cool.and i would be writing this from the bath tub if not for my period.

i love bkk.

loving my cock.

can u spot my cock?got two at four dollars at salvation army.i used it right away when i got home on sat but of course after thorough cleaning with hot water and soap.to get rid of its past.its past that i will never know but its future i have complete control over.been using it everyday since it became mine.to hold cut vegetables during dinner prep on sat,to hold orange slices in the fridge,to hold my sunday’s brekky of cereal mixed with yoghurt,to hold monday’s dinner of satay and peanut sauce.if u still havent figured,i am referring to the bowl that has the picture of a cock.what were u thinking?

i didn’t know what i was thinking when i stood up during a special song presentation for our nation’s birthday.the song was written by my church’s very own song writer and came alive with the help of lovely voices.it was such an awesome song that spoke of the past and the future.there was so much strength and passion and love in the music.i felt that my country is going to do so much better in the years to come,growing from strength to strength.and i really felt like i needed to stand to show appreciation not only for the music but for my country.it felt rude to sit on my bum.so in an auditorium of thousands of fellow church members,i stood up,choked with emotions.i felt like i was standing up for my kid who just got a special award or something.i really didn’t know how else to show my love and to salute the country that i call home since the day i was born.yes,my country is not perfect.there are things i simply hate and things that i love so much that i doubt i will ever leave this home.afterall,when i am not perfect,how can i expect a country of so many imperfect people to be perfect.to be flawless.i should not be selfish.i should not be I conscious.

i was introduced to this term by my pastor – I CONSCIOUS.sunday’s message was about how we should stop focusing on ourselves and to be JESUS conscious.throughout the 45mins or so message,i kept nodding in agreement to everything that was coming out of my pastor’s mouth.no,i wasn’t in a trance.i just couldn’t help but agree.especially when he said that “when you are I conscious,you end up suffering from either superiority complex or inferiority complex.”

at one point or another,we all have,in our own ways,suffered from either of the two.and the reason is because we looked at ourselves and compared what we have or don’t have to what others have or not have.i have a feeling this starts as young as perhaps 2 years old when a kid compares the toys he has to what his friends have or not have.this may be encouraged when his parents actually highlight how special he is to have that special toy.the kid cant help but start thinking he is the king.

it is hard to be not-self conscious.it is hard not to think of oneself before others.it is hard to focus on everything else but you.but if it makes life so much more enjoyable,fun and stress-free to not compare yourself to others,why not?i feel that life itself is a work in progress journey and it is never quite finished till the day you RIP.since it is WIP,we should take advantage of it and continuously look to better tomorrow.even if you are not in a space to be JESUS conscious,it is just as good to stop being I conscious.i have a feeling it will save you loads of grey hair and wrinkles and possibly medicine for hypertension.

there have been plenty of times when i catch myself suffering from complexity issues.while sometimes,it is out of envy,there are other times,to make myself feel better.better to you.but i have noticed that i have improved significantly over the years.perhaps its comes from getting older.perhaps its from the wisdom of my jesus that i pray to blessed with all the time.i know i will face challenges in this personal goal of mine-to stop feeling that i am better or worse than my neighbour and to be completely JESUS conscious.but like i said,my life is a work in progress and i have many many many days to continue working on my goal.

we are fast approaching 2011.perhaps it will be good to take some time out to think about your life and how you want to treat your life in 2011.perhaps life will love you more for it.perhaps,you will start enjoying life and start living.

sometime ago,someone told me that she was the youngest account director at her age and she asked me what i wanted in my life.till today,i cant help but wonder why she would want to tell me that and how she thought that piece of news would help me find my purpose in life.now i cant help but think its a classic situation of superiority and inferiority complex.what rocks you may not rock my world.thank god.



daddy’s 56th birthday cake!

sat’s lovely awesome yummy brunch at rider’s cafe.

a cool find at salvation army.

big bao for a big man.

rich creamy sweet expensive durian for dessert.

blessed city.

what an awesome satisfying long weekend.looking forward to another long happy weekend in BKK!

yipee ya ya yipee ya!