which side?

when i was sleeping with my little sis before i got married,i slept on the right side of the bed.now with timmy,i sleep on the left side.my mum sleeps on the left side of the bed too.i wonder if there is a pattern here.the older person or the more responsible person in the relationship tend to sleep on the right side to protect the other party,be it a younger sibling or wife or child.of course,i am assuming that the right side of the bed is the closest to the door and we want to protect our bed buddy from a thief or ghost!if you have a bed buddy,which side are you on?

my two younger sisters are fighting.one is 27 and the other is 15.they are driving each other up the wall.they hate each other’s guts.one has vowed not to talk to the other till the day she crash and die.she hasn’t realised that once you die,you can’t talk.the other wants to punch the other’s face.how i know about this since i don’t live with them?good old SMS.i text them both the same reply – you have the bigger heart.so forgive and forget.and they reply the same.NO.i tell the 27-year-old to be patient and that being 15 aint easy.its the age where you are the most rebellious and full of angst.i tell the 15-year-old to respect her elders.i am not sure if they are listening to me.and honestly since i don’t live with them,i don’t care.because they both can be annoying at times.HAHA!but seriously,this is what being part of a family is.you love on some days and hate on other days.its part of growing and learning.have you ever thought about this?family is the only thing that you can’t choose in your life.god chose your family FOR YOU.and he surely must look at every person he creates and puts together the best fit.there must a reason why in my family,there is kumar my father,chandra his wife,me the number one,then the number two and 12 years later,number three.so if he made us the family,the family we will be.like it or not.so whose side am i on?god’s side.he makes things perfect so let him fix the issues of a 27-year-old and her 15-year-old.

i wonder whose side our kid will take on?will he be more like me and my family or more like timmy?will he look more like me or timmy?my friend’s daughter looks like the female version of her father and timmy’s friend’s daughters look like their maternal grandma.i have seen pictures of mark richmond’s son who doesn’t look like him at all.oops.ha.when i look at us,i think it doesn’t matter.so long all the right things are at the right places and he has a penis,not a vagina.coz i want a son.not a daughter.

so today timmy treated us both to some skin pampering.we went to this place called FACETART which is located at the new basement at raffles city shopping centre.at 50% off various services,we both asked for customised facial.i enjoyed the 75min session.made from a range of fruits and vegetables from Hungary,the organic products were a joy to my skin.the therapist though not fluent in english explained each step to her best ability,her pressure was so firm that the head,face and shoulder massage was heavenly and the products smelt yummy.the session started with me breathing in some lavender and head massage to set the mood followed by double cleansing and skin analysis.all the boxes were ticked-dehydrated,oily,clogged,large pores.after she hurt my ego,a very smooth textured scrub was applied with cold steam blowing onto my face.skin tingled all over.it was good.that was wiped off after 5mins and a lotion like substance was applied to help with the painful extraction.then it was time for rosehip serum to hydrate and sooth the skin.heaven was next with neck shoulder face massage.followed by a creamy mask which was made more rich and absorbable by putting on another mask.during the 15mins of masking,i was a treated a solid head massage and before i knew,it was over.

to reinforce the message that their products are made from vegetables and fruits,their choice for flooring is carpet grass.i like.if i can,i want my bedroom floor to be changed to carpet grass and have my ceiling painted sky blue.and perhaps add a sun in a corner with loads of clouds.maybe a tree or two on the wall.nice.so if you can’t decide where you want your next facial to be or tossing between a facial and no facial,pick FACTART.i think its worth the 50%.promotion ends end august.

in case you are wondering how we looked after the facials since i am raving about it,scroll up.the pictures of us were taken after the facial.if you didn’t know,you can’t change the way you look or the way your skin is.you just got to learn to love it or at least be satisfied.

just in case you need to take someone’s side today or tomorrow,dont.just faint.perhaps you may fall onto carpet grass and wake up on the left side of your bed.because you are the wife or the younger sibling or the child.and just before you opened your eyes,you saw my son in your dream and you can tell whose side he is on.if this really happens,call me.i will clean your floor for the rest of this year.till 23 dec 2010.because on 24 dec 2010,i am on the plane to NYC!finally.thank you jesus.

i told you i am funny didnt i?

One thought on “which side?

  1. Wahahahahaha!!!! It’s gonna b cold in dec. Catch broadway, stay out late at night on times sq. Soak it all in!

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