i am funny.

yes i am funny.i think i am so i am.

i got two strangers to look into my handbag and into my wallet.


me: hi,i know this is damn hilarious but can you open my bag and look for my phone?

young lady:huh?err.

me: i know.. this is damn funny right.i just got my nails painted and don’t want to chip them.

young lady: oh i know.okay.


me: i am going to the 22nd floor.

old lady: i need your ic.

me: can help me take from my wallet?

old lady: huh?

me: my nails painted lah.dont want to destroy them.

old lady: oh okay.


after both encounters,i could not help but laugh hard.at myself.i am funny.you cant deny that.

i got off work at 6.30pm!woohoo!with timmy still at work and me not wanting to come back to an empty home,i decided i will get my nails done.stop.dont judge me.i am not a tai tai.the last time i did my nails was in sept for my wedding!i actually find manicure a waste of money since it can wear off pretty fast if you have to do washing,housework etc but since the next appointment with mr housework is next sat,i decided to treat my nails!i found this place a stone throw away from office.its called THAT PURPLE PLACE!i will not be storing its number in my contact list.no i am not an unhappy customer.i walked away satisfied.only satisfied.

what is satisfaction to you?what satisfies you?are you satisfied with your current state of life?are you happy being satisfied?is satisfaction a positive word?would you want someone to use the word ‘satisfy’ on you?would you be happy if someone used that word on you?for instance someone says this about you – XXX is satisfied with how she is doing at work.cycling at six am every sat satisfies XXX.or your boss tells you that your performance is satisfactory.

at 10.30am this morning,i didn’t think the word satisfaction sounded positive or happy.it sounded like you are sitting on the fence and can’t figure what you want to feel.its like giving a five on a survey form or seeing a pass in your report book.and i am not sure if the client want to associate his brand with that word.we will find out next week.

praise god that timmy’s boss doesn’t find his performance satisfactory.last week,timmy got a salary increment.he has only been employed for 10weeks at this organization.it is a $150 increment.not exactly an amount that can stop me from working nor smiling with pride.whenever i look at timmy and see how far he has come in his career,i see god’s love and faithfulness to his beloved children.i met timmy at dentsu in may 2007 and three years later,timmy is into his third job.the scope of each job is not the same though they do share one common element-client facing.he embraces each job with enthusiasm and drive.and he learns so fast.i don’t know how he does it and we both dont know how each job came about so effortlessly.we just know who to focus on.i know in my heart that while he enjoys what he is doing now,before we both know,he will be off to work in another place,in another area.i have come to realize that exploration is part of his career and if that ‘newness’ feeling about a new job,a new company,a new role excites him,i say GO FOR IT.

i am not a perfect wife.i will never be.i dont need to be.i dont even want to try to be.he is fully aware of this and accepts it too.but i find him perfect.perfect for me.i have a feeling he finds me perfect for him.i suppose in a strange way,we are two imperfections that came together to become perfect.PERFECT.

its 30mins to a brand new day.tuesday.i like tuesday.it is better than a monday.have a perfect tuesday people.not a satisfactory tuesday.but a perfect tuesday that satisfies you.english language is interesting.

if you are reading this sentence,i like you.you have amazing patience.i cant believe you read me till here.for this, you deserve to see how my dining room light looks like, bottom up.

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