fire drill.

my weekend started two hours early on friday,thanks to a fire drill.i never appreciated fire drill till friday.with no plans made and timmy still at work,all i could do was to be on my view of my pending trip to BKK in 3 weeks time,i had to not i decided i will save myself from pain and went for a foot massage at fu luo shou.andrew,the owner of wan lin,who usually does my back and foot massage was busy so a young man by the name of ah seng took care of me.ouch Ouch OUCH!not that he was bad.he was gentle and effective.i guess i havent gone for my foot massage for a very long time.i left feeling light and relaxed though the entire 40mins was painful.strange.i heart foot massage!i think it’s the best way to wind down at the end of the week.perhaps i should get a package again and make it a point for timmy and i visit every friday.

with half hour to spare before i met timmy,i headed to OG after getting my feet relaxed.and i got myself some really cute underwear.gonna wear them tonight!

btw, do you know what OG stands for?Old Girl! see,you learn something new,everyday.i also chanced upon this lingerie brand called bsc.really nice pretty little pieces.the saleswoman said it’s from thailand so i’m gonna check it out in three weeks time.

nando’s was awfully packed.the number of people waiting to get into the restaurant was much more than the number of customers actually dining.we decided we deserve better and headed to raffles hotel for seah street deli.but it was closed.we explored chijmes hoping to find something nice and we found SUN.we sat at the counter table so the entire kitchen was in full head chef and five others to help him.i watched how the head chef moved in and out of each section,helping those who needed help without being the orders started coming in,he had to work like the rest but his eyes were always watching out for his staff.very little was spoken in the kitchen but everyone knew what to do and what the other needs.amazing teamwork.and the food is AWESOME.before we left,timmy and i said thank you to the head chef.i think at the end of the night,he should be proud of himself and his team.

with our stomachs full,we went for a walk at robinsons.while i explored mindbridge and basic house,timmy went to check out the man’s version,mr class.the fitting room at the man’s section is so huge,bigger than my toilet.if you cant wait to get home,you can get dirty in the room!ha!armed with a pants each and some donuts for my family,i headed to my parents’ place to spend the night while timmy went home,alone.

i miss being home.being at my parents’ place.miss being just a daughter.when i slept on my old bed next to my little sister like i used to for a long time,i realised that time flies.come sept 21,timmy and i celebrate our first year anniversary.earlier in the week,i went to bed missing my family.think god heard me,like he always does,and created this chance for me to spend the night at my parents’ place.half way through my awesome dinner,little sis text me and the conversation goes like this:

little sis: are u coming home?

me: no.why?

little sis: why not?

me: give me one reason why i should?u hardly talk to me when i always on the computer or something.

little sis: come.i miss you.

me: ya right!?

little sis: i do.i love you. 😦

how not to visit when a fifteen year old sends you texts like this.many fifteen year olds can’t even be bothered to acknowledge their fifteen year old definitely deserved to see me and snack on some donuts. 

my mum didn’t think i will spend the night there and said that i will most likely run off at three am!ha.i stayed till 10am.i would have stayed longer if not for my home calling out to me for a good cleaning.sat was housekeeping day and after three weeks,it deserved a good one including timmy and i can understand why our home is so me enemy.

while cleaning,i decided i will re-arrange the sofa.the sofa was perpendicular to the wall but i shifted it so that it is parallel.just to make the living space feel new.again.this is my second time re-arranging the sofa.cant help it.

can you tell which home furnishing brand i heart?no prize for guessing.ha!

“greater things have yet to come. greater things are still to be done in this city.yeah yeah.greater things have yet to come.greater things are still to be done in this city.”


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