ah soh.

i got my tupperware today!a tall one for cereal and 2 smaller ones for biscuits.when it is a two persons household,food just doesn’t seem to finish quickly compared to a bigger household.right now,apples bought two sats ago is still sitting in the fridge.and when it comes to items like biscuits,if you don’t finish them on time,they become flat and is crap to eat so it gets thrown away.not that i don’t have any containers to keep my stuff but i just didn’t get the right ware.until now.

as this is my first purchase,i bought the basic items but i cant wait to get my hands on the fridge water bottles that will keep my mint tea,ribena and iced water cool and fresh!another item that i am eyeing is the rice dispenser that will keep my grains fresh especially important when my packet of rice can sit in the cupboard for  months.

cant wait to fill them up with M&S biscuits and POST cereal!

omg,i am officially an ah soh.tupperwares are like ah soh’s BFF right?haha!if you want to join the ah soh club and get your hands on some good tupperwares to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time,email my ah soh friend at tpware.ashley@gmail.com and a catalogue or URL will come your way.enjoy!i think they make good housewarming gifts!thoughtful gifts.

so what am i going to do with my existing ikea containers?one got turned into a vase:

today was a blah day.i fault the rain for this or perhaps,i am just wanting the weekend to come quickly!so fit for a blah day,we had blah dinner.soup n bread from soup spoon and dessert was a sticky brownie from the brownie factory.

i still feel blah and i want to run out and get some plates,spoons,forks,cups and glasses.why?i dont know but i suspect it will un-blah my day.but its 11.20pm now and no one is going to entertain me,not even my favourite ikea.so i am looking at hock siong at http://hocksiong.com.sg/web/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 a place that timmy and i visited last year to see if we can get anything for our place.but the idea of using second-hand stuff didn’t seem appealing and we walked away empty-handed,twice.

goodbye blah day.

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