my weekend was delicious.had loads of good started with friday night when i had steamed chicken with chestnut and sweet potato at this tiny old school coffee shop along siglap.its name i don’t remember but service and food is hard to forgot.i always feel like i am eating home cooked food when i dine there.the shop is located next to wine shop which is next to NTUC.i was too hungry to take any pictures.

sat was amazing.i woke up to my very own lemon cheesecake which i made with timmy the night was delicious!i am so proud of myself.i really am.i heart cheesecake and now that i can make my own,i can have it anytime.i got the recipe from it was my first try and i did pretty well.the cake was my contribution to the high tea that i went to later in the little sis got a chance to try the cake and this morning i got this text from her “hello.had your cake.nice.”yipee!some of you may get a chance at my cheesecake and if you do,it means i like you.i am so tempted to get an oven!timmy is eager to buy one.we have seen some really affordable ovens.decision case you are wondering,the cheesecake i made didn’t need any baking.

after a slice of my very own lemon cheesecake,we headed to epicurious at railway mall for brunch!it was our first visit and we will be back again.the place is completely laid back,its colour scheme and serving ware was interesting,food was yummy and most importantly,loads of eye candies in their mid twenties.yummy.

two hours after brunch,it was to tina’s place for high tea.6 of us came together to spend time with tina who is giving birth to daniel bey next month!and i had the privilege to look at a very pregnant stomach in the flesh.think my heart skipped a beat as i imagined a life in there.amazing.9 months in that tiny space.of all possible places,god chose the stomach and he chose the female’s stomach.i wonder why.guess there is no other appropriate place.

each of us brought something and me brought my cheesecake.oh my god.i cant stop talking about my cheesecake.

see my cheesecake? some slices were in bad shape but tasted nice nonetheless.tina’s asparagus with bacon was yummy too.all did she was to grill them,no seasoning watsoever.gotta try it one day.

dinner was at a quaint seafood eatery at joo is called oceanus seafood was yummy especially the fried brinjal that had porkfloss sprinkled all was too part,the food was affordable and they don’t charge any taxes.


to top it all,sunday’s dinner was at pathi’ is good.

if someone was to give up their seat on the train in the morning,i shall not be mad for so much good food make me look 3 months pregnant.

this is hillarious.i met jeremy a friend from an ex agency for lunch two days ago.i could not help but notice that he was checking me out in a strange way but i just shrugged it off.just before we parted,our conversation was something like this:

Jeremy : hey can i ask you something?

Me : ya what?

Jeremy : i am a man so errr.. are you like family planning?

Me : huh what? family planning? hahahahah.. you mean if i am pregnant? ahhahaha…ahhahaha hahahah..

Jeremy : just asking lah. don’t know you family planning or just fat loh.

Me : ahahahhahahaha

Jeremy and Me : okay bye.

Have a blast people!Brand new week,brand new opportunities!if you feel like you are not going anywhere and things are not improving,fret not.God is making something completely awesome for you and yes it may look like its taking some time but that’s only because HE is making it good for you,his beloved.


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