bucket list.

earlier in the week,i got introduced to this term called ‘bucket list’.it is basically a list of things you want to do,see or achieve before you kick the bucket i.e. die or in my case,fall asleep and wake up to a brand new life in heaven.timmy told me there is a movie titled ‘The Bucket List’ starring jack nicholson and morgan freeman.we gonna get our hands on the movie.should be a good one to watch.

so i have been telling myself that timmy and i should make a bucket list,one that is meant for us both and one individual list.afterall,being married doesn’t mean we stop living our lives the way we want to.i have yet to have a proper conversation with him about this.perhaps tonight.

i admire those who have made their list and have gone about fulfilling it.i am scared to make the list for i may not even fulfil one,five years later.being me,there is a high chance.i never seem to complete what i start out to do for whatever reason.for instance,i have always wanted to drive and the year i turned 21,together with jordie,we registered for our driving sessions and tests.we both failed but jordie had another go or two and passed.in 2008,with cindy,i repeated this.we both went for our final theory test.she passed and i didnt.she is a proud owner of a driving license.as for me,my license says i can only be a passenger.but i tell myself that i enjoy being a passenger,looking out of the window and enjoying the scenery.driving is stressful.you have to look out for yourself,the other drivers and the pedestrians.no chance to look at scenery or to nap or to facebook on iphone.ha.consoling myself again.

somewhere in my teens,i pictured myself as a career woman working in various countries and living a luxurious life.i wanted to work in hongkong and australia.how close did i come to this?i did go to australia but to study.as for hongkong,i worked myself there.thanks to many hongkong flights i was blessed with when i was with sq.luxurious lifestyle?i am into humble and joyous lifestyle.but yes,i did work in various countries or rather ‘worked to and fro’ many countries.career-wise,i will not say i am exactly excelling but thanks to many blessings by HIM,i have had the opportunity to work with amazing people at three different agencies since i left sq in sept 2006.

i will always be grateful to kelvin.a tiny tanned man who employed me twice,at two different agencies.i will always be thankful to hwee for recommending me to rowena for the opportunity to work at ddb.i will always remember veron for remembering me when i sent her my resume for the second time,a year later.as for rowena and bernard,thank you i say.i learnt the most at ddb.many opportunities they gave me.grateful i am and all of my respect they have.and of course,there is lorraine.together we worked on expressions and boy,did we express a lot of emotions on the account.patient and nurturing,i will remember lorraine for.

here i am,five months away from my 31st birthday and figuring what i want to do for the rest of my life.man,i thought that was what people did when they were 16 or 21.all i know is i don’t want to live a dead life.life itself is a gift and everyday is a blessing.i must live my life.there is so much to explore and learn.i am here for a reason.i must get out of my comfort zone.i must remember that my best days are ahead of me.kewl.

something is brewing in my heart.i feel light in my heart.let my eyes see.let my ears hear.i am ready.bring it on.i can do all things through HIM,for HIM.

oh man,i am PMS-ing.madam red is coming,i can feel her.

today is sat.i brought timmy to tekka market in the morning.asparagus with chicken is for lunch.recipe is from food-4tots.com.timmy chose this dish btw.we got all we wanted from the market for $9!

  • chicken breast meat at $2.50
  • half kilo of prawns at $3.50
  • one red pepper,a bunch of asparagus,one red chilli and one onion for $3 > after a discount of 20cents.hee!

the dish is actually a chicken dish or it can be substituted with prawns.but dear timmy tim wanted both.so he got what he wanted.

and this is what he did five mins after lunch.

but not before he said thank you and treated me to ice-cream.

have a restful weekend everyone.think about your bucket list.if you are sixty and reading this,you of all people deserve a bucket list.make one please.god will surely renew your youth and energy like the eagle so that you have the time and strength to make and fulfil your list.have a blast.

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