on facebook,again,i came across this site.thank god for facebook!the site featured nice pretty little pieces that can be worn to work and to play depending on how creative you are.for the clueless ones,like me,we can learn from the site on pairing of clothes.i like the way the clothes have been matched.something all of us can learn from.simple,effortless yet sexy.its clean sexy.

the pink chiffon button-up blouse is bound to brighten up the face esp in the morning (ha!) and the interesting combination of zip and lace at an unexpected part of a t-shirt will surely go well with a pair of jeans and up the favourite has to be the ones found in the bottom section.i heart everything that is featured.check out the way the model poses in one of the picture.i guess i will too if i am wearing such fun clothes.

with a 10% off the total purchases,it’s too easy to feed your shopping addiction here:

enjoy!its clean addiction.

so i started my freelance stint this reward myself for returning to work sooner than i had thought,i decided to buy a pair of shoes.with an hour to spare just before church on sunday,i explored charles and keith.i’m not sure if the suntec outlet is the biggest but they had so many shoes shoes part,shoes on discounts!i had to explore every shelve.they came in every inch,colour,prints and of course prices.boring me had to settle for … a black pair.only because of practical reason;it is easier to match since it is for work.and i also forgot i have a pair of black shoes from pazzion that is is never enough anyway.

most of my shoes and bags are from charles and prize for guessing why.i’m addicted to their affordability and pretty-ness.During my exploration of the store,my eyes fell on these as well.

timmy,are you reading this?hello hello dear?are u?


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