as i was preparing this for dessert,i could not help but will too if you read the post titled greens.

this is kiwi by the way.6 kiwis.i shared this with timmy.i had to make sure we had some fruits when we got home coz half of our dinner wasn’t quite healthy though it satisfied my craving.yummy.

now the best part of this post is not what i had for dinner or dessert BUT what i found this i read one post after another,i could not help but have the urge to run out to the nearest market to grab groceries.but of course,i didnt.i was at work.ha! 

though the blog’s USP is practical, simple and healthy recipes for children,almost all the dishes can be eaten by and me.the pictures are gorgeous.the instructions are crystal clear.the dishes should be fairly manageable by most of us.i cant wait to try – strawberry crunch,lemon cheesecake [no baking required],rainbow seafood pasta salad,chinese chicken salad,black beans soup etc etc etc etc.i cant wait!

go on NOW.have a will not see cooking in the same light again.especially if you have kids or picky eaters at home,the colours and taste of the recipes will surely win them over.

i heart one dish type of has both the meat and the vegetables.most of what i cook at home for timmy and myself is one dish meal,be it steam fish, chicken curry,pasta etc.mainly because i get to save time and the washing up.if you are like me,you will find a couple of one dish recipes that has all the GOODNESS you need.

yummy.i heart this.i can smell the food by just looking at the pictures.yummy.hungry.cant wait.



2 thoughts on “grin.

  1. You’re so SWEET and KIND with words!!!! Oh, I never know you heart so many recipes! I’m really very touched and flattered! If I can do it, you can do it too! I’m sure very soon I can smell the GOODNESS from your kitchen too!

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