timmy doesn’t like to eat vegetables and fuits.this is not something i discovered only after the wedding.i knew all along.he is so very that we live together,it is easier for me to make sure that he eats them regularly.there are times i have to beg him to have some of my grapes or strawberries.for veg,i have to pretend i am full so that he can finish up as he doesn’t like to waste food.

just about 3pm on sat in the midst of doing our housework,i asked him if he was hungry since breaky was at 11 but he said no.hmm strange i thought.then i tested by telling him that i was craving for steak and he got all excited and said let’s go grab some food!so i caught him red-handed lying.

reason for lying?he knew what was for lunch.GREENS!poor timmy.even i had trouble finishing up my portion.

i tossed the salad that i bought with onions and yellow pepper and dripped a bit of italian dressing all over.healthy.yummy.happy.

i must share this.i heart tekka market.there are so many stalls selling so many many many options.

i want to be loyal.i go to a particular stall.what attracted me to this stall is the salad.they sell salad;all put together.i just need to scoop how much i want,weigh,pay and mint leaves are from this stall too.when i first saw salad and other angmoh type of vegetables being sold at the stall,i was sold.i dont even want to go to the wet market or the ntuc or the shop & save which are located at my door step.

if you look closely,the box containing the salad is at the bottom left of the picture.

tis sat,i am going to bring timmy and hopefully he will fall in love with greens!ha!hope is good.

will i see you?


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