today i learnt that orange represents:

1. understanding, warmth, tribal and family ties.

2. love and friendship.

3. happiness and prosperity.

the month of july sees singapore celebrating racial in a society like ours definitely calls for such a celebration.what we take for granted kills many in other church distributed this and encouraged us to wear.i dont know what my wardrobe will be for the rest of july and whether the colours will clash but i am going to wear it to show my commitment to understand and appreciate one another for we are singaporeans and this is our home.thank god,the colours matched today!

what about you?

if you don’t have access to the ribbon,it is is only a symbol.what is more important is our attitude.we dont need to love one another.we dont need to hug and kiss.all we need to do is respect each individual without looking at their skin colour or religion or even nationality.i know it is hard and it takes time.i am guilty of making unnecessary judgments and comments of others.but today,i tell myself to be conscious that my home is a melting pot of various cultures and i must respect all.

start is never too late.


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