i heart white.it is clean and fresh.it represents purity and innocence.it also provides a platform for you to add more to it.it is not selfish.it gives the impression of space.important when your living space is a humble 76sqm.

i had to clean my kitchen yesterday as the contractor came by to replace the hinges.mess was inevitable.it took me 5 hours;not because my kitchen is big but because i took my time. i looked at every corner of the kitchen.i re-arranged,threw away some,saw ants and crockroches and found things that were bought many moons ago.

my kitchen layout is not what we wanted.we were meant to have an island kitchen but after hacking down the previous owner’s kitchen,we found out that an island kitchen may restrict our movements.so out went the idea.we suggested a traditional layout.old is gold sometimes.

my kitchen is not perfect but thanks to it,i know what i want in my next kitchen.an oven.bigger sink and drainer.no cabinets at the top;only at the bottom.extending drawers with interior fittings that will allow easier access.white will still be the colour.i heart white.

so the kitchen is clean.but rest of our home esp the toilet is crying for attention.been three weeks since we showed any TLC.before we get down on our knees,time for breaky!

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