i know a special couple.in more than one way,they are similar to timmy and i.we are of the same age group,newly married and doing well in life.dec 2009 would have been the happiest dec in their life – celebrating their first wedding anniversary and enjoying the fruit of their love.like a hiccup,it came unexpected.like a birthmark,it will remain forever.

i thought about this special couple this morning as i watched 466 here : http://www.joelosteen.com/Broadcast/VideoStreaming/Pages/VideoStreaming.aspx#

doubts we all have.doubts about ourselves.doubts about our lives.doubts about people.doubts about what we are meant to do and not do.doubts about what we are meant to have and not have.but doubt about god is something only a few will share,though many will have.because,to have doubts about god reflects badly on you and what you believe in.so we hide our doubts.but i hope from now,we will share our doubts about god for HE is merciful and will pardon our doubts.and in our doubts,HE will reach out to us and open our eyes and our minds.

i was shocked beyond words when i found out about what had happened to m&m.i doubted god.my mind was full of questions though my heart knew that god didnt want this to happen.perhaps like me,the couple may have had doubts.i never asked.i only prayed that they find strength in god to heal and believe that they will enjoy fruits of their love once again.

m&m,if time allows,please watch the message together and be blessed.in this new season you are in,god is empowering you with all you need to REIGN.together with all your loved ones,i pray for you both.

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