which side?

when i was sleeping with my little sis before i got married,i slept on the right side of the bed.now with timmy,i sleep on the left side.my mum sleeps on the left side of the bed too.i wonder if there is a pattern here.the older person or the more responsible person in the relationship tend to sleep on the right side to protect the other party,be it a younger sibling or wife or child.of course,i am assuming that the right side of the bed is the closest to the door and we want to protect our bed buddy from a thief or ghost!if you have a bed buddy,which side are you on?

my two younger sisters are fighting.one is 27 and the other is 15.they are driving each other up the wall.they hate each other’s guts.one has vowed not to talk to the other till the day she crash and die.she hasn’t realised that once you die,you can’t talk.the other wants to punch the other’s face.how i know about this since i don’t live with them?good old SMS.i text them both the same reply – you have the bigger heart.so forgive and forget.and they reply the same.NO.i tell the 27-year-old to be patient and that being 15 aint easy.its the age where you are the most rebellious and full of angst.i tell the 15-year-old to respect her elders.i am not sure if they are listening to me.and honestly since i don’t live with them,i don’t care.because they both can be annoying at times.HAHA!but seriously,this is what being part of a family is.you love on some days and hate on other days.its part of growing and learning.have you ever thought about this?family is the only thing that you can’t choose in your life.god chose your family FOR YOU.and he surely must look at every person he creates and puts together the best fit.there must a reason why in my family,there is kumar my father,chandra his wife,me the number one,then the number two and 12 years later,number three.so if he made us the family,the family we will be.like it or not.so whose side am i on?god’s side.he makes things perfect so let him fix the issues of a 27-year-old and her 15-year-old.

i wonder whose side our kid will take on?will he be more like me and my family or more like timmy?will he look more like me or timmy?my friend’s daughter looks like the female version of her father and timmy’s friend’s daughters look like their maternal grandma.i have seen pictures of mark richmond’s son who doesn’t look like him at all.oops.ha.when i look at us,i think it doesn’t matter.so long all the right things are at the right places and he has a penis,not a vagina.coz i want a son.not a daughter.

so today timmy treated us both to some skin pampering.we went to this place called FACETART which is located at the new basement at raffles city shopping centre.at 50% off various services,we both asked for customised facial.i enjoyed the 75min session.made from a range of fruits and vegetables from Hungary,the organic products were a joy to my skin.the therapist though not fluent in english explained each step to her best ability,her pressure was so firm that the head,face and shoulder massage was heavenly and the products smelt yummy.the session started with me breathing in some lavender and head massage to set the mood followed by double cleansing and skin analysis.all the boxes were ticked-dehydrated,oily,clogged,large pores.after she hurt my ego,a very smooth textured scrub was applied with cold steam blowing onto my face.skin tingled all over.it was good.that was wiped off after 5mins and a lotion like substance was applied to help with the painful extraction.then it was time for rosehip serum to hydrate and sooth the skin.heaven was next with neck shoulder face massage.followed by a creamy mask which was made more rich and absorbable by putting on another mask.during the 15mins of masking,i was a treated a solid head massage and before i knew,it was over.

to reinforce the message that their products are made from vegetables and fruits,their choice for flooring is carpet grass.i like.if i can,i want my bedroom floor to be changed to carpet grass and have my ceiling painted sky blue.and perhaps add a sun in a corner with loads of clouds.maybe a tree or two on the wall.nice.so if you can’t decide where you want your next facial to be or tossing between a facial and no facial,pick FACTART.i think its worth the 50%.promotion ends end august.

in case you are wondering how we looked after the facials since i am raving about it,scroll up.the pictures of us were taken after the facial.if you didn’t know,you can’t change the way you look or the way your skin is.you just got to learn to love it or at least be satisfied.

just in case you need to take someone’s side today or tomorrow,dont.just faint.perhaps you may fall onto carpet grass and wake up on the left side of your bed.because you are the wife or the younger sibling or the child.and just before you opened your eyes,you saw my son in your dream and you can tell whose side he is on.if this really happens,call me.i will clean your floor for the rest of this year.till 23 dec 2010.because on 24 dec 2010,i am on the plane to NYC!finally.thank you jesus.

i told you i am funny didnt i?


i am funny.

yes i am funny.i think i am so i am.

i got two strangers to look into my handbag and into my wallet.


me: hi,i know this is damn hilarious but can you open my bag and look for my phone?

young lady:huh?err.

me: i know.. this is damn funny right.i just got my nails painted and don’t want to chip them.

young lady: oh i know.okay.


me: i am going to the 22nd floor.

old lady: i need your ic.

me: can help me take from my wallet?

old lady: huh?

me: my nails painted lah.dont want to destroy them.

old lady: oh okay.


after both encounters,i could not help but laugh hard.at myself.i am funny.you cant deny that.

i got off work at 6.30pm!woohoo!with timmy still at work and me not wanting to come back to an empty home,i decided i will get my nails done.stop.dont judge me.i am not a tai tai.the last time i did my nails was in sept for my wedding!i actually find manicure a waste of money since it can wear off pretty fast if you have to do washing,housework etc but since the next appointment with mr housework is next sat,i decided to treat my nails!i found this place a stone throw away from office.its called THAT PURPLE PLACE!i will not be storing its number in my contact list.no i am not an unhappy customer.i walked away satisfied.only satisfied.

what is satisfaction to you?what satisfies you?are you satisfied with your current state of life?are you happy being satisfied?is satisfaction a positive word?would you want someone to use the word ‘satisfy’ on you?would you be happy if someone used that word on you?for instance someone says this about you – XXX is satisfied with how she is doing at work.cycling at six am every sat satisfies XXX.or your boss tells you that your performance is satisfactory.

at 10.30am this morning,i didn’t think the word satisfaction sounded positive or happy.it sounded like you are sitting on the fence and can’t figure what you want to feel.its like giving a five on a survey form or seeing a pass in your report book.and i am not sure if the client want to associate his brand with that word.we will find out next week.

praise god that timmy’s boss doesn’t find his performance satisfactory.last week,timmy got a salary increment.he has only been employed for 10weeks at this organization.it is a $150 increment.not exactly an amount that can stop me from working nor smiling with pride.whenever i look at timmy and see how far he has come in his career,i see god’s love and faithfulness to his beloved children.i met timmy at dentsu in may 2007 and three years later,timmy is into his third job.the scope of each job is not the same though they do share one common element-client facing.he embraces each job with enthusiasm and drive.and he learns so fast.i don’t know how he does it and we both dont know how each job came about so effortlessly.we just know who to focus on.i know in my heart that while he enjoys what he is doing now,before we both know,he will be off to work in another place,in another area.i have come to realize that exploration is part of his career and if that ‘newness’ feeling about a new job,a new company,a new role excites him,i say GO FOR IT.

i am not a perfect wife.i will never be.i dont need to be.i dont even want to try to be.he is fully aware of this and accepts it too.but i find him perfect.perfect for me.i have a feeling he finds me perfect for him.i suppose in a strange way,we are two imperfections that came together to become perfect.PERFECT.

its 30mins to a brand new day.tuesday.i like tuesday.it is better than a monday.have a perfect tuesday people.not a satisfactory tuesday.but a perfect tuesday that satisfies you.english language is interesting.

if you are reading this sentence,i like you.you have amazing patience.i cant believe you read me till here.for this, you deserve to see how my dining room light looks like, bottom up.

fire drill.

my weekend started two hours early on friday,thanks to a fire drill.i never appreciated fire drill till friday.with no plans made and timmy still at work,all i could do was to be on my own.in view of my pending trip to BKK in 3 weeks time,i had to not shop.so i decided i will save myself from pain and went for a foot massage at fu luo shou.andrew,the owner of wan lin,who usually does my back and foot massage was busy so a young man by the name of ah seng took care of me.ouch Ouch OUCH!not that he was bad.he was gentle and effective.i guess i havent gone for my foot massage for a very long time.i left feeling light and relaxed though the entire 40mins was painful.strange.i heart foot massage!i think it’s the best way to wind down at the end of the week.perhaps i should get a package again and make it a point for timmy and i visit every friday.

with half hour to spare before i met timmy,i headed to OG after getting my feet relaxed.and i got myself some really cute underwear.gonna wear them tonight!

btw, do you know what OG stands for?Old Girl!hahahah.you see,you learn something new,everyday.i also chanced upon this lingerie brand called bsc.really nice pretty little pieces.the saleswoman said it’s from thailand so i’m gonna check it out in three weeks time.

nando’s was awfully packed.the number of people waiting to get into the restaurant was much more than the number of customers actually dining.we decided we deserve better and headed to raffles hotel for seah street deli.but it was closed.we explored chijmes hoping to find something nice and we found SUN.we sat at the counter table so the entire kitchen was in full view.one head chef and five others to help him.i watched how the head chef moved in and out of each section,helping those who needed help without being overpowering.as the orders started coming in,he had to work like the rest but his eyes were always watching out for his staff.very little was spoken in the kitchen but everyone knew what to do and what the other needs.amazing teamwork.and the food is AWESOME.before we left,timmy and i said thank you to the head chef.i think at the end of the night,he should be proud of himself and his team.

with our stomachs full,we went for a walk at robinsons.while i explored mindbridge and basic house,timmy went to check out the man’s version,mr class.the fitting room at the man’s section is so huge,bigger than my toilet.if you cant wait to get home,you can get dirty in the room!ha!armed with a pants each and some donuts for my family,i headed to my parents’ place to spend the night while timmy went home,alone.

i miss being home.being at my parents’ place.miss being just a daughter.when i slept on my old bed next to my little sister like i used to for a long time,i realised that time flies.come sept 21,timmy and i celebrate our first year anniversary.earlier in the week,i went to bed missing my family.think god heard me,like he always does,and created this chance for me to spend the night at my parents’ place.half way through my awesome dinner,little sis text me and the conversation goes like this:

little sis: are u coming home?

me: no.why?

little sis: why not?

me: give me one reason why i should?u hardly talk to me when i visit.you always on the computer or something.

little sis: come.i miss you.

me: ya right!?

little sis: i do.i love you. 😦

how not to visit when a fifteen year old sends you texts like this.many fifteen year olds can’t even be bothered to acknowledge their parents.my fifteen year old definitely deserved to see me and snack on some donuts. 

my mum didn’t think i will spend the night there and said that i will most likely run off at three am!ha.i stayed till 10am.i would have stayed longer if not for my home calling out to me for a good cleaning.sat was housekeeping day and after three weeks,it deserved a good pampering.no one including timmy and i can understand why our home is so dusty.meet me enemy.

while cleaning,i decided i will re-arrange the sofa.the sofa was perpendicular to the wall but i shifted it so that it is parallel.just to make the living space feel new.again.this is my second time re-arranging the sofa.cant help it.

can you tell which home furnishing brand i heart?no prize for guessing.ha!

“greater things have yet to come. greater things are still to be done in this city.yeah yeah.greater things have yet to come.greater things are still to be done in this city.”


ah soh.

i got my tupperware today!a tall one for cereal and 2 smaller ones for biscuits.when it is a two persons household,food just doesn’t seem to finish quickly compared to a bigger household.right now,apples bought two sats ago is still sitting in the fridge.and when it comes to items like biscuits,if you don’t finish them on time,they become flat and is crap to eat so it gets thrown away.not that i don’t have any containers to keep my stuff but i just didn’t get the right ware.until now.

as this is my first purchase,i bought the basic items but i cant wait to get my hands on the fridge water bottles that will keep my mint tea,ribena and iced water cool and fresh!another item that i am eyeing is the rice dispenser that will keep my grains fresh especially important when my packet of rice can sit in the cupboard for  months.

cant wait to fill them up with M&S biscuits and POST cereal!

omg,i am officially an ah soh.tupperwares are like ah soh’s BFF right?haha!if you want to join the ah soh club and get your hands on some good tupperwares to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time,email my ah soh friend at tpware.ashley@gmail.com and a catalogue or URL will come your way.enjoy!i think they make good housewarming gifts!thoughtful gifts.

so what am i going to do with my existing ikea containers?one got turned into a vase:

today was a blah day.i fault the rain for this or perhaps,i am just wanting the weekend to come quickly!so fit for a blah day,we had blah dinner.soup n bread from soup spoon and dessert was a sticky brownie from the brownie factory.

i still feel blah and i want to run out and get some plates,spoons,forks,cups and glasses.why?i dont know but i suspect it will un-blah my day.but its 11.20pm now and no one is going to entertain me,not even my favourite ikea.so i am looking at hock siong at http://hocksiong.com.sg/web/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 a place that timmy and i visited last year to see if we can get anything for our place.but the idea of using second-hand stuff didn’t seem appealing and we walked away empty-handed,twice.

goodbye blah day.


my weekend was delicious.had loads of good food.it started with friday night when i had steamed chicken with chestnut and sweet potato at this tiny old school coffee shop along siglap.its name i don’t remember but service and food is hard to forgot.i always feel like i am eating home cooked food when i dine there.the shop is located next to wine shop which is next to NTUC.i was too hungry to take any pictures.

sat was amazing.i woke up to my very own lemon cheesecake which i made with timmy the night before.it was delicious!i am so proud of myself.i really am.i heart cheesecake and now that i can make my own,i can have it anytime.i got the recipe from http://food-4tots.com/2009/11/20/lemon-cheesecake-non-baked/ it was my first try and i did pretty well.the cake was my contribution to the high tea that i went to later in the day.my little sis got a chance to try the cake and this morning i got this text from her “hello.had your cake.nice.”yipee!some of you may get a chance at my cheesecake and if you do,it means i like you.i am so tempted to get an oven!timmy is eager to buy one.we have seen some really affordable ovens.decision decision.in case you are wondering,the cheesecake i made didn’t need any baking.

after a slice of my very own lemon cheesecake,we headed to epicurious at railway mall for brunch!it was our first visit and we will be back again.the place is completely laid back,its colour scheme and serving ware was interesting,food was yummy and most importantly,loads of eye candies in their mid twenties.yummy.

two hours after brunch,it was to tina’s place for high tea.6 of us came together to spend time with tina who is giving birth to daniel bey next month!and i had the privilege to look at a very pregnant stomach in the flesh.think my heart skipped a beat as i imagined a life in there.amazing.9 months in that tiny space.of all possible places,god chose the stomach and he chose the female’s stomach.i wonder why.guess there is no other appropriate place.

each of us brought something and me brought my cheesecake.oh my god.i cant stop talking about my cheesecake.

see my cheesecake? some slices were in bad shape but tasted nice nonetheless.tina’s asparagus with bacon was yummy too.all did she was to grill them,no seasoning watsoever.gotta try it one day.

dinner was at a quaint seafood eatery at joo chiat.it is called oceanus seafood restaurant.it was yummy especially the fried brinjal that had porkfloss sprinkled all over.it was too good.best part,the food was affordable and they don’t charge any taxes.


to top it all,sunday’s dinner was at pathi’s.life is good.

if someone was to give up their seat on the train in the morning,i shall not be mad for so much good food make me look 3 months pregnant.

this is hillarious.i met jeremy a friend from an ex agency for lunch two days ago.i could not help but notice that he was checking me out in a strange way but i just shrugged it off.just before we parted,our conversation was something like this:

Jeremy : hey can i ask you something?

Me : ya what?

Jeremy : i am a man so errr.. are you like family planning?

Me : huh what? family planning? hahahahah.. you mean if i am pregnant? ahhahaha…ahhahaha hahahah..

Jeremy : just asking lah. don’t know you family planning or just fat loh.

Me : ahahahhahahaha

Jeremy and Me : okay bye.

Have a blast people!Brand new week,brand new opportunities!if you feel like you are not going anywhere and things are not improving,fret not.God is making something completely awesome for you and yes it may look like its taking some time but that’s only because HE is making it good for you,his beloved.

bucket list.

earlier in the week,i got introduced to this term called ‘bucket list’.it is basically a list of things you want to do,see or achieve before you kick the bucket i.e. die or in my case,fall asleep and wake up to a brand new life in heaven.timmy told me there is a movie titled ‘The Bucket List’ starring jack nicholson and morgan freeman.we gonna get our hands on the movie.should be a good one to watch.

so i have been telling myself that timmy and i should make a bucket list,one that is meant for us both and one individual list.afterall,being married doesn’t mean we stop living our lives the way we want to.i have yet to have a proper conversation with him about this.perhaps tonight.

i admire those who have made their list and have gone about fulfilling it.i am scared to make the list for i may not even fulfil one,five years later.being me,there is a high chance.i never seem to complete what i start out to do for whatever reason.for instance,i have always wanted to drive and the year i turned 21,together with jordie,we registered for our driving sessions and tests.we both failed but jordie had another go or two and passed.in 2008,with cindy,i repeated this.we both went for our final theory test.she passed and i didnt.she is a proud owner of a driving license.as for me,my license says i can only be a passenger.but i tell myself that i enjoy being a passenger,looking out of the window and enjoying the scenery.driving is stressful.you have to look out for yourself,the other drivers and the pedestrians.no chance to look at scenery or to nap or to facebook on iphone.ha.consoling myself again.

somewhere in my teens,i pictured myself as a career woman working in various countries and living a luxurious life.i wanted to work in hongkong and australia.how close did i come to this?i did go to australia but to study.as for hongkong,i worked myself there.thanks to many hongkong flights i was blessed with when i was with sq.luxurious lifestyle?i am into humble and joyous lifestyle.but yes,i did work in various countries or rather ‘worked to and fro’ many countries.career-wise,i will not say i am exactly excelling but thanks to many blessings by HIM,i have had the opportunity to work with amazing people at three different agencies since i left sq in sept 2006.

i will always be grateful to kelvin.a tiny tanned man who employed me twice,at two different agencies.i will always be thankful to hwee for recommending me to rowena for the opportunity to work at ddb.i will always remember veron for remembering me when i sent her my resume for the second time,a year later.as for rowena and bernard,thank you i say.i learnt the most at ddb.many opportunities they gave me.grateful i am and all of my respect they have.and of course,there is lorraine.together we worked on expressions and boy,did we express a lot of emotions on the account.patient and nurturing,i will remember lorraine for.

here i am,five months away from my 31st birthday and figuring what i want to do for the rest of my life.man,i thought that was what people did when they were 16 or 21.all i know is i don’t want to live a dead life.life itself is a gift and everyday is a blessing.i must live my life.there is so much to explore and learn.i am here for a reason.i must get out of my comfort zone.i must remember that my best days are ahead of me.kewl.

something is brewing in my heart.i feel light in my heart.let my eyes see.let my ears hear.i am ready.bring it on.i can do all things through HIM,for HIM.

oh man,i am PMS-ing.madam red is coming,i can feel her.

today is sat.i brought timmy to tekka market in the morning.asparagus with chicken is for lunch.recipe is from food-4tots.com.timmy chose this dish btw.we got all we wanted from the market for $9!

  • chicken breast meat at $2.50
  • half kilo of prawns at $3.50
  • one red pepper,a bunch of asparagus,one red chilli and one onion for $3 > after a discount of 20cents.hee!

the dish is actually a chicken dish or it can be substituted with prawns.but dear timmy tim wanted both.so he got what he wanted.

and this is what he did five mins after lunch.

but not before he said thank you and treated me to ice-cream.

have a restful weekend everyone.think about your bucket list.if you are sixty and reading this,you of all people deserve a bucket list.make one please.god will surely renew your youth and energy like the eagle so that you have the time and strength to make and fulfil your list.have a blast.


on facebook,again,i came across this site.thank god for facebook!the site featured nice pretty little pieces that can be worn to work and to play depending on how creative you are.for the clueless ones,like me,we can learn from the site on pairing of clothes.i like the way the clothes have been matched.something all of us can learn from.simple,effortless yet sexy.its clean sexy.

the pink chiffon button-up blouse is bound to brighten up the face esp in the morning (ha!) and the interesting combination of zip and lace at an unexpected part of a t-shirt will surely go well with a pair of jeans and up the edginess.my favourite has to be the ones found in the bottom section.i heart everything that is featured.check out the way the model poses in one of the picture.i guess i will too if i am wearing such fun clothes.

with a 10% off the total purchases,it’s too easy to feed your shopping addiction here: http://apparentaddiction.blogspot.com/

enjoy!its clean addiction.

so i started my freelance stint this week.to reward myself for returning to work sooner than i had thought,i decided to buy a pair of shoes.with an hour to spare just before church on sunday,i explored charles and keith.i’m not sure if the suntec outlet is the biggest but they had so many shoes shoes shoes.best part,shoes on discounts!i had to explore every shelve.they came in every inch,colour,prints and of course prices.boring me had to settle for … a black pair.only because of practical reason;it is easier to match since it is for work.and i also forgot i have a pair of black shoes from pazzion that is under-utilized.black is never enough anyway.

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