while i was serving my notice at ddb, i mentally worked on a list of things to do when i am on my break.a break that didn’t know its end date.the list included reading,cycling,jogging,cooking,cleaning and reading more of my bible.this is my 3rd and final week of my break before i freelance at dentsu for 2 months!i am totally embarrassed to say but i must.i didnt read more than 4 pages of the bible; i have been at JOHN for long long time.i went to the gym once and was told that i am going to be replaced by a more committed individual.more about the gym another day.

but hey!i cooked at least twice a week,spent time with my family,slept plenty, met friends and most importantly,i cleaned my i cleaned mr panasonic!he is so happy now that he is squeaky clean.just need to fill him up coz he looks far too empty now.took me 3 hours but was time well spent, i say.i so proud of myself.

this is my achievement for today.what is yours?  

OH i started blogging too!why?instead of only talking to myself which i do all the time and will continue to do so, i decided i will write.i used to enjoy writing when i was in school.i used to write love letters to my partner in secondary school you know!heeha!the blog isn’t here for a specific reason for now; it’s just a platform for me to voice my thoughts,what i did,where i went etc etc.its basically what i heartsmellhearseetaste.most of you should find me boring and will never come back to read me but its okay.


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