my hair.

i cut my hair last year after the wedding.been wanting to go short for sometime but didnt have the guts to do it and look like a butch for the wedding.PLUS i know the growing out period is a in december, the hair went short in the safe hands of aisah; someone i havent seen since l left sq in jan, the hair went shorter, almost like pixie some good feedback and most importantly of all, i loved it!i felt YOUNG and FRESH!

but my dad and grandma hate my hair!ha!do i care?NO!But i am growing back my hair.this is my second month of the growing out period.its painful.hate my hair!its messy and all over the place and i cant be bothered neither do i know how to manage it.

so i went to aisah yesterday for a trim.”you sure you want to grow it back?” she asked. with a simple nod of my head, she went about fixing my hair; making it tidy and presentable.

i could not help but take a picture of myself in the toilet at lucky plaza!

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