i had so much fun yesterday trying out jeans.i didnt leave home planning to buy jeans or anything for that was meant to be a simple afternoon – lunch with weiling, meet marcus my financial advisor to collect my documents and cut my hair.but fresh out of the salon and feeling good, i decided to go window shopping and show off my hair!ha!

most places are on sale except ZARA!wonder what they are waiting for or is the sale over?me don’t know and dont care.i dont own anything from zara but a blue dress that was bought during a sale.i cant afford their pretty stylish clothes.but i still walked in for a look and tried on a pair of slim fit jeans which cost $59.90. Nice?

i like the way it gathers at the ankle. anyway i wasnt sure if i need a new pair of jeans and decided to wait and see; perhaps the sale is tomorrow i told myself and walked out.

next stop was pull and bear.think this is my second visit to the shop.never quite took a liking to their stuff coz i felt they appealed to a much younger crowd or at least to those who felt they were young!heehee!but hey, i tried on 2 pairs of jeans and i liked them both!they were so affordable at $39.90!my kind of pricing!

the first pair i tried:

the second pair i tried. love the 3 buttons.

guess which pair of jeans i bought in the end? shopping is so fun.especially when it is unplanned and easy on the pocket.

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