first date.

yesterday was our first official date since we got married in sept 2009. the night before we had watched date night on DVD and we didn’t want to become like the characters in the movie > ROOM MATES! we have only just gotten married and have no kids to fuss over. SO WHATS THE PROBLEM? work is exhausting and consumes all of our energy and time during the weekdays. when weekend comes, its housework, dinner with parents, church, grandma, groceries and so the list goes. BUT the culprit is US. we have become way too lazy and comfortable to make an effort to date one another.we dont even dress is not only about going some fancy dinner or a movie or is more than just doing an activity together.i feel it’s the whole package.doing something plus dressing up and the EMOTIONS.its like the real dating.remember your first date?yup, that’s what i mean!!

i guess its hard to experience the first date emotions again since we have been dating for 3 years and have come to know each other pretty well.but we tried and had fun.i wore a dress that he has never seen before and actually spent $5 to blow dry my notorious hair.the dress must have been decent for he said “we are not going to eat cheap food with you in that dress!”he was quite dashing himself.he recently discovered a mr class, a korean menswear and we both love it. 

dinner was at hooters, followed by a slow walk along the singapore river which was bustling with colours and life, then to a moroccan lounge for mint tea and mint shishah.we ended the gorgeous night with 2 scoops of gelato! perfect.

i love you!

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